Arthur Smith Endowed Scholarship

In the classroom, the wrestling room and on the track field, he radiates an aura of determination and loyalty towards his work and students. From the beginning, he has been our mentor, providing us guidance through the best and worst of times. Our lives have been significantly touched. – 1984 CFS Yearbook Dedication
The Church Farm School community is pleased to announce the Arthur Smith Endowed Scholarship. Art Smith, who started at Church Farm School in 1978 as a houseparent, has served the school faithfully for 45 years and currently serves as Dean of Students, STEM faculty and varsity wrestling coach. Whether Art coached you in wrestling or track, encouraged your love of science in his classroom or mentored you as a student or peer, his influence on CFS is immeasurable.

In honor of Art's continued passion for the CFS mission, Talmadge O'Neill '86 and other grateful alumni have pledged to match 2:1 any gift up to $100,000 toward the endowment of the Arthur Smith Scholarship. In other words, for every $1 you give, the scholarship receives $2 - this is a great opportunity to double your gift's impact!

To finalize this Scholarship, your support is needed. We must raise a minimum of $125,000 to endow the Scholarship; but the larger the endowment, the larger the aid provided. This Scholarship will exist in perpetuity and provide financial support to a student every year for the remainder of Church Farm School’s existence. 

Will you help by making a gift that will support students the way Art continues to support our scholars, alumni and faculty?

Making a gift online is fast and secure; simply complete the form below. To make a gift via check, please mail a check made payable to Church Farm School with ‘Art Smith Fund’ clearly written in the memo line to the Development Office, Church Farm School, 1001 E. Lincoln Highway, Exton, PA 19341.

For other ways to make a gift or if you have any questions, please contact Lori McDermott ( | 610.363.5338).
*I understand that the gift I am making is to help establish an endowed Scholarship and is restricted for use by that purpose. I acknowledge that I can learn about the endowment level of the Fund and any gifts made to the Fund through Church Farm School’s Annual Report and Report of Gifts each August/September.
Thank you to our supporters! 

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Brian Baker '99
Keith Baker '87
Morgan Beever P'15, P'20
Linda and Mark Behr F-S 
Chet Blair F-S 
Clarence Blair '99
Kennon and Roger Bowen 
Stuart Brackney '62 
Bart Bronk '96 
CFS Scholars 
Nicole Campbell F-S
Marcia Carnes
Andy Carrigan '87
Thomas Carroll '01 
Kyle Casey '11
J. David Cashmere '83 
Steve Choc '02 
Andrea Chrest F-S 
Christopher Clark '84
Stefanie Claypoole F-S
John Cortazar '19
David Crocco '00
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Devenney 
Caitlin DiLuigi
Adam Doyle '89
Bruce Dykes '86
Gerald Ellson '50 
John Evans F-S 
Laird Ferguson '85
Graham Frazier '87
Priscilla Gabosch (Karl '48)
Shana and Marvin Garcia '99
Yonbue Goodall-Tanco '18
Beth Hampson
Jonathan Harrar '02 
David Hatchard '93
Jeff Hilburt '87
Jim Hilburt '85
Byron Hutchinson '85 
Jackson Artwear/Donald Jackson '96
Tom Johnstone '09, F-S 
Marianne Kaplan P'07
Aaron Kearns 
Brian Keslick 
Jason S. Kittlesen '91 
Stephanie Kimmel F-S
George Kocotis '98
Moussa Kone '96
Kevin Korb F-S
Chip LaRiviere '87
Kathy and Corky Leighton 
G. Webber Lewis '80
Brandon Lowe '94 
Jean Lucas 
Elaine Lunardi 
Bobby Malone '86
Aggie and Mike Malter 
Kieran F. Mannion '81 
Alix and Jim Markee
Kim F-S and Michael Matteo 
Lori F-S and Steve McDermott
William McLaughlin 
Seong Tae Moon '00
Theresa Niedosik P'19
Thomas Nye '88 
Talmadge O'Neill '86
Chad Parnis, Turks Head Wrestling
Krista Peterson F-S
Kelsey Reinhard Cox 
Joe Rhile 
Jennifer and William Sanderson 
Mark Schellenger 
Perry Scott '97
Lee Scouten '71 
Meaghan and Brian Serbin 
Doris and David Shaw 
Lizette and Ned Sherrill F-S
David Sinclair '92
Tanveer Singh '18 
Padgett and Art Smith F-S 
Walt Smith '86 
Paul Spear '81 
Jon Swider '14 
Greg Thompson 
Anthony Toscano 
Brian Valerio '19
Roger Weissinger '83
Eric Weller '74
Karen Wertz F-S
Julie Wickland F-S
Dempsey Woods '98
Shannon Yates '86
Al Yusko F-S 
David Zimmerman '88

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    Administrative Assistant Development Office
The Church Farm School is an independent boarding and day school for boys in grades 9-12 located in Exton, PA. Founded in 1918 to provide an excellent education to young men from limited means, Church Farm School now serves boys from a range of socio-economic circumstances who are seeking an extraordinary educational opportunity. The school offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum and an exceptional level of personal attention, with class sizes averaging between just 7 and 12 students.