Campus Life

Residential Life

Ten small, bright “cottage” dormitories, that hold a maximum of 18 students, help to provide a positive atmosphere that encourages intellectual, emotional and social growth.
Each home away from home is under the supervision of two members of the cottage faculty who are responsible for the students' well being. Cottage life offers a unique opportunity for a young man to learn how to live with and understand people from social, cultural and ethnic groups different from his own. Cottage life is an experience that will remain with young men forever, as friends made in boarding school will be friends for life. The skills that students develop in the residence halls help them to grow into adults who impact their community in a very positive way.

The cottage faculty’s focus is primarily on the residential life of CFS students. However, most are involved in other facets of the school. It is not unusual for our students to interact with them as a teacher or substitute in the classroom, coaching their sports team or sponsoring a club.

Principles and Practices for Excellence in Cottage Life

List of 6 items.

  • Cooperative Cottage Life

    1. Treat your cottage like a home
    2. Treat your cottage mates as you wish to be treated
    3. Respect your cottage parents and prefects
    4. Always clean up after yourself
    5. Use kitchen and laundry facilities responsibly
  • Clean and Safe Rooms

    1. Make your bed every day
    2. Vacuum your floor when needed
    3. Place dirty clothes in a hamper or laundry bag, put clean clothes away
    4. Keep desk, cabinets, and sills neat and functional
    5. Prevent electrical or environmental hazards
  • Successful Study Halls

    1. Be on time and ready to work
    2. Utilize approved locations/permissions/passes
    3. Have an achievable plan of action
    4. Strive for minimal distractions
    5. Respect adults/prefects/peers
  • Respectful Chapel Services

    1. Enter the space quietly
    2. Silence and pocket your phone
    3. Focus on yourself, not others around you
    4. Be attentive to those reading, speaking, and performing
    5. Actively listen and be open to hearing new ideas
  • Enjoyable Meals Together

    1. Abide by the dress and phone policies
    2. Arrive in time to enjoy your meal
    3. Speak at a respectful volume and with appropriate language
    4. Clean up after yourself (both table and floor)
    5. Be appreciative of and respectful to the Dining Hall staff
  • Healthy, Memorable Weekends

    1.   Get the rest you need
    2.   Check-in to all meals and eat well
    3.   Participate in at least one SWAT activity per day
    4.   Try new things, meet new brothers, make new friends
    5.   Act with integrity wherever you are or go

Cottage faculty work with students in the cottages throughout the academic year assisting them to accomplish the following:

The Church Farm School is an independent boarding and day school for boys in grades 9-12 located in Exton, PA. Founded in 1918 to provide an excellent education to young men from limited means, Church Farm School now serves boys from a range of socio-economic circumstances who are seeking an extraordinary educational opportunity. The school offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum and an exceptional level of personal attention, with class sizes averaging between just 7 and 12 students.