Tuition and Financial Aid

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Church Farm School is countercultural to most boarding schools. Our mission is to make a college preparatory education financially accessible to a diverse group of young men with academic ability and good character.

We provide financial aid to a wide range of incomes. Our sliding scale tuition model allows us to meet families where they are financially and enables us to provide access and opportunity to a more diverse learning environment. A family's expected financial contribution is based on more than net household income — family expenses, household size, and other financial obligations are also taken into consideration when calculating financial aid awards. Even if you’re not sure you would qualify, we encourage you to apply.

Why Church Farm School?

Our graduates are real-world ready. An exceptional college preparatory education is a core component of a Church Farm education, but we also invest in building character, fostering independence, and ensuring success in college and beyond. The Church Farm student body serves as a brotherhood for students, offering friendship, mentorship and leadership opportunities.

When our graduates move on to college, we don't just keep in touch with them — our Alumni Success program follows up with every one of our recent graduates, often through an in-person visit, to be sure they’re persisting in college. 

Private School Tuition for the 2023-2024 Academic Year:

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*A health insurance plan is available for separate purchase for international students.
** Incidental costs may include trip fees, music lessons, lost item replacement, testing fees, and weekly allowance.
Program Tuition Includes
Boarding Tuition $50,400 Includes Fees
Room & Board
Laptop Computer
Field Trips
Day Tuition $26,250 Includes Fees
Laptop Computer
Field Trips
Church Farm School offers generous financial assistance and its tuition is approximately 25% less than the regional average.

Affording a Church Farm School Education

How to Apply for Financial Aid

After submitting your application for admission to Church Farm School, the financial aid application process has only two steps:

  1. Complete your Tuition Assistance applicant via

    To complete the tuition assistance application, please create an account on All information shared will be secure, and the application typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

  2. Submit all Federal IRS tax form 1040s with all supporting schedules by signing and submitting a 4506c form.
Reminder: The 4506c form gives Clarity permission to pull your prior year tax returns. However, business owners are required to upload their most recent business tax returns separately. Please remember to return to the online dashboard in Clarity to add that information. 
Our Financial Aid Priority Deadline is February 19. After that, we will review FA applications on a first-come, first-served basis.

International students applying for financial aid should visit
Our financial aid program is open to students of any race, color, religion, nationality or ethnic origin.
 When I was applying to schools, none of them could offer my family the amount of financial aid that we needed. CFS generously provided us with all of the aid that we required and this allowed me the opportunity to go to boarding school. - David Madriz, '22
Interested in learning more about Church Farm School? Schedule a meeting with our admissions team or attend one of our virtual events.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Tuition Payment Options

  • Pay in full by May 1. A $20 administrative fee will be credited back to your account when full payment is received by May 1.
  • Pay a 10% deposit once the student’s enrollment contract has been submitted. The remaining balance is due by July 1.  A $50 administrative fee will be credited back to your account if full payment is received by July 1.
  • Pay a 10% deposit due once the student’s enrollment contract has been submitted. 45% of payment is due by July 1.  The final 45% of payment is due by November 1. There is a $50 non-refundable administrative fee.
  • We offer a 10 month payment plan. A 10% deposit is due once the enrollment contract has been submitted. 10% is due the first of each month July 1 – March 1. There is a $50 non-refundable administrative fee.

A $35 late fee is charged on all accounts that have not made their payment within 30 days of the due date. A 0.67% finance fee is charged on all accounts on the balance due on the last day of each month, including payment plans.

Partnering with Community-Based Organizations

Church Farm School is proud to partner with several community-based organizations from all around the country to make our unique boarding school experience accessible. Some organizations include:


Contact us today at or 610.363.7500. 

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The Church Farm School is an independent boarding and day school for boys in grades 9-12 located in Exton, PA. Founded in 1918 to provide an excellent education to young men from limited means, Church Farm School now serves boys from a range of socio-economic circumstances who are seeking an extraordinary educational opportunity. The school offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum and an exceptional level of personal attention, with class sizes averaging between just 7 and 12 students.