Yiwei Wang '20, Vanderbilt University

Yiwei Wang is one of two CFS students matriculating to Vanderbilt University in the fall; thanks to his advisor, Mr. Eric Fulmer, who spurred his interest in history, he plans to study history and education.  Yiwei says, “This subject is not only about memorizing dates and names but also extending my horizon to analyze past controversial events and develop essential skills like thinking from different perspectives. My passion for education comes from my personal will of bringing changes to China’s educational system.” Yiwei says his personal experience as a student in China was not a positive one; the strict focus on standardized testing puts the development of social skills by the wayside. “I aspire to figure out how to incorporate the elements of holistic education in my country’s current system.”
Yiwei has grown tremendously at CFS. Coming to the U.S. with poor English skills, he says, he was afraid of talking and lacked confidence. “Fortunately, my teachers and friends helped me to adjust to this new environment by patiently answering all of my questions and introducing a number of traditions and local proverbs to me. I truly love a sentence inscribed on one of the posters hung on the wall of our Humanities building, “We rise by lifting others.”
Yiwei’s accomplishments at CFS are vast, and span the gamut from going from never playing golf to joining the varsity team; establishing a history-focused club; devoting many hours to community service; serving as a cottage prefect; and suggesting creative additions as a member of the Yearbook Club. “I’m really grateful for my time at CFS because I feel like I grew up so much during my four-year high school life.” 

Says his advisor, Mr. Eric Fulmer, “Yiwei is one of the hardest working and mature students I have ever encountered. He is a stellar humanities student and had top grades in AP U.S. History last year and scored a 5 on the test. So it is no surprise that he is going to be a history major when he attends Vanderbilt next year. Our group will miss his warm smile and friendship and we wish him the best of luck on his new adventure!”
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