Nolan Savage, Oberlin College

Nolan Savage of Maryland plans to study creative writing and psychology at Oberlin College next year. He says CFS has helped him learn how to be away from home for long periods of time, as well as the importance of time management and making appropriate decisions. "I’m proud of being a cottage prefect for two years, being part of the varsity golf and lacrosse teams and being able to mentor CFS students. "The brotherhood spans farther than just the students. We all have close relationships with our teachers and other faculty and it’s amazing how much support is present for everyone." 
Says his advisor, Mr. Bob McHale, “Nolan is one of the finest young men I have ever been associated with in all my years of teaching. He has a true sense of self; he analyzes where he is and technically plans out how he is going to get to the next phase. Nolan listens and takes in advice, and will work toward improving himself the best way he can. He is goal-driven, hardworking and resourceful. He will also dig down deep to conquer any challenges he comes up against. These characteristics will serve him well as he moves on into the next stage of life. I know that Nolan will be successful no matter what, and will enjoy the journey with that big smile on his face.”
The Church Farm School is an independent boarding and day school for boys in grades 9-12 located in Exton, PA. Founded in 1918 to provide an excellent education to young men from limited means, Church Farm School now serves boys from a range of socio-economic circumstances who are seeking an extraordinary educational opportunity. The school offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum and an exceptional level of personal attention, with class sizes averaging between just 7 and 12 students.