5 Surprising Reasons You Should Consider Boarding School for Your Teen

Boarding school might never have crossed the average parent’s mind when thinking about their son’s teen years. But many parents may also feel like their current options aren’t the best fit for their teen. Even smart, ambitious kids can fade into the background in large urban or suburban schools. And the scope for distraction in cities, especially, is endless. 

So why choose boarding school over the local public school for your son’s high school education? We have five reasons you may not have considered.
#1: Academic Immersion

“I selected CFS because it was a perfect fit for my learning style. I find that round-table discussion and being in a classroom with a few students has helped me respect others' opinions and grow as a student.”– James Lee ’22

Living on campus as a teen may seem daunting at first. But smaller class sizes and dorm-style living create deeper relationships between students. These aspects also prepare teens for college by teaching them how to prioritize their studies. And they benefit from more interaction with faculty.

Church Farm School’s student body is capped around 200, with an average class size of 7-12 boys. While the academic programs are challenging, there’s a great deal of support. Small class sizes mean teachers, leaders and mentors get to know each scholar and his learning style. And boarding gives students far greater access to these adult resources than is available in most public schools, with faculty on duty in the dorms during evening study halls. Your son is never lost in the crowd here, academically or socially.
#2: Independence and Confidence

"Being away from home at an early age helped mold my character and helped me become open-minded about who I am.”  – Emmanuel Lawal ’20, Howard University.

Boarding on campus is a special experience wherein lifelong friendships are made. Church Farm School is located in lovely Exton, PA, and students live in cottages rather than large dormitories. Each cottage houses a maximum of 18 teens and is staffed by live-in faculty. Cottage parents are on hand to mentor, supervise and cultivate the character and emotional well-being of the boys in their charge.

Personal responsibility, time management and self-discipline are taught and reinforced through the Social Emotional Learning program, with lessons tailored to each grade level.
#3: Diversity and Empathy

“CFS has a very tight-knit community and its ethnic diversity allows people to feel included.” - Olamide Balogun '22

As the world continues to expand globally, appreciating the inherent value of other cultures is a vital component of a well-rounded 21st century education. Diversity isn’t just a buzzword at Church Farm School. Our students come from across the country and around the world, sharing their cultures, faiths, and experiences.

Living, working, learning, and playing side by side with peers of different backgrounds naturally inspires deeper empathy and greater cultural competence. This shared experience forges unbreakable bonds between our students and helps build the depth of compassion that fuels great leadership. A deeper understanding of the importance of diversity helps young men thrive in both college and their careers.
#4 Learning the Sky is the Limit

“I grew here and was given a chance to succeed. I played sports I had never even heard of. I built a network of friends that live worldwide. I had fun and lived my high school experience in a place filled with people that didn’t want to see anything but me and my class make it in life.” – Dion Mathews ’20, Middle Georgia State University

A lot of pressure is lifted when kids are put in a new environment where they can shed old, familiar expectations of what they’re like. Suddenly, they have the freedom to figure out who they really are and where their interests lie. Church Farm School fosters self-discovery academically, spiritually, socially and through clubs and athletics.

Your son might find he’s a natural at a subject or sport he was unfamiliar with before. And he’ll find the support and encouragement he needs to pursue his interests.
#5 Opportunities to Learn and Thrive

“I saw this school as an opportunity to help me grow in ways that I didn’t know were possible. Over my four years, I have obtained a higher understanding academically while building lifelong friendships with my peers. I am thankful to all of the faculty and staff for helping me find who I am during my time here." - Daniel Larue ’22

Growth is a side effect of being part of an encouraging and motivated peer group. Boys at Church Farm School have a common goal of success in high school and beyond. We help them figure out what that looks like by providing opportunities. Student leadership, community service, trips to New York City and Philadelphia to see plays and museums, and travel, both domestic and abroad, are ways to expose them to places and things they may never have experienced if they’d stayed at their local high school.

“The attention and structure at CFS has been great for my son. We never have to wake him up, remind him to do his homework or his laundry. There is no haranguing or double-checking what he’s doing, because that structure and expectation of achievement is the norm at CFS. The school has fostered an enthusiasm for academics and desire to succeed in him.” Morgan Beever, P’15, P’20
Morgan Beever’s two sons, who began as day students at Church Farm School, became boarders in order to experience the full spectrum of college preparation offered. The lessons here are designed to set students up for success as professionals, mentors and well-rounded men.

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The Church Farm School is an independent boarding and day school for boys in grades 9-12 located in Exton, PA. Founded in 1918 to provide an excellent education to young men from limited means, Church Farm School now serves boys from a range of socio-economic circumstances who are seeking an extraordinary educational opportunity. The school offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum and an exceptional level of personal attention, with class sizes averaging between just 7 and 12 students.