Christian Cini, Georgia State University

Christian Cini of West Chester, PA, is heading off to Georgia State University next year. Over his time at the school, Christian has matured tremendously, says his advisor Chaplain John Daniels, who adds, “Christian’s confidence is evident in his relationships with others, his desire to be independent and the manner in which he takes action - all acts of maturity. He's had some bumps in the road; however, he is much more prepared for the challenges which lie ahead.”

His cottage parent, Tony Wrice, agrees, stating that, “Christian is respected by his peers and helpful to his brothers in adapting to the ‘Rhinelander’ ways.” Adds English teacher Hilary Hayes, “I am very proud of Christian; he often puts forth more effort and determination than anyone in the class, giving 100% to all of his assignments, seeking out clarity, requesting assistance when necessary and holding himself to a higher standard.” She notes that his creative writing shows talent and vulnerability.

Whatever Christian decides to study next year at college, we are sure he will be successful. Concludes Christian, “Thank you to everyone that supported me from day one. You saw something in me that I didn’t even see in myself; I’m grateful to have had that.”
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