Alfredo Olaguez, Macalester College

Alfredo Olaguez is attending Macalester College next year. A strong student, athlete and leader, the CFS community has nothing but glowing remarks about this young man from Chicago.

AP English Language and Composition was designed for students like you. You truly enjoy the written word and revel in its many nuances.”

“The academic success that you have had is a testament to your intelligence, but, more importantly, your dedication. Outside of the classroom, you've continued to thrive, serving as a prefect and finding success socially and athletically.”

Concludes Alfredo’s advisor, Tom Johnstone, “It's been an absolute joy to watch Alfredo's growth over the past four years. A stellar student and a hardworking athlete, Alfredo dove headfirst into new experiences at CFS and ignited passions that he never knew he had. Whether he was in the classroom, participating in community service, competing in DECA, on the wrestling mat or lacrosse field or simply drawing in his notebook in a quiet place, Alfredo's unique perspectives never failed to enrich our community. His will to push himself through all of life's challenges, both great and small, is a testament to his character and will serve him well down every path that life may carry him. Alfredo's understanding of the important things in life is well beyond his years, and he is one of the rare students who has taught us so much more than we could ever teach him.”
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