College Guidance

ACT and SAT Dates

2018-19 ACT Dates and Locations

September 8 Downingtown West High School
October 27 Collegium Charter School
December 8 Henderson High School
February 9 Downingtown West High School
April 13 Downingtown West High School
June 9 Student Home Location

2018-19 SAT Dates and Locations

October 6 West Chester East High School
November 3 Downingtown West High School
December 1 West Chester East High School
March 9 Student Home Location
May 4 West Chester East High School
June 1 Student Home Location
The Church Farm School is an independent boarding and day school for boys in grades 9-12 located in Exton, PA. Founded in 1918 to provide an excellent education to young men from limited means, Church Farm School continues to fulfill its mission of educational opportunity. The school offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum and an exceptional level of personal attention, with class sizes averaging between just 7 and 12 students.