RSVP for Alumni Soccer on August 10

The annual alumni/student soccer match is scheduled for Saturday, September 10 at 2:00 p.m. on the main soccer field. Attend as a fan or a competitor, and feel free to bring your friends and family to cheer you on! Food will be served after the game. RSVP to to ensure we have a t-shirt for you!


Golf 2016






The Rt. Rev. Canon Daniel G.P. Gutierrez Joins CFS Board of Directors 

Church Farm School welcomes The Rt. Rev. Canon Daniel G.P. Gutierrez to its Board of Directors. Gutierrez was elected Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania in March 2016 and consecrated in July, succeeding The Rt. Rev. Clifton Daniel 3rd. READ MORE

B. Todd Jones, NFL's Senior Vice President and Special Counsel for Conduct, to Speak at Convocation

The Church Farm School is pleased to announce that B. Todd Jones, senior vice president and special counsel for conduct for the National Football League (NFL), will be its keynote guest speaker at the school’s Convocation ceremony on Friday, September 9. READ MORE


Increasing Engagement and Learning Through Interactive Instruction by Chuck Keller    

If you want an athlete to stay engaged in practice, they need to get a lot of touches. "Touches," for those less than athletically inclined out there, refers to contact with the ball/puck/whatever. You need to scoop a grounder, take a face off, catch a pass, throw a pass, rip a shot, save a shot. You need the ball/puck/thing around you to stay engaged. In the classroom, we see the same thing. The traditional "direct instruction" lecture, where I stand in the front of the room and grace my students with a 45-minute monologue that demonstrates my mastery of the content yields very few touches. Students sit in a passive state. Only the most motivated will stay engaged and learn.

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